Monday, 7 December 2009

Google Apps Directory Services

With Google Apps Market Place now available to all Apps users, it is easy to add directory services via various tools. We have adopted Sherpa Tools to manage our global directory as well as manage the global settings within Google Apps, such as language etc. Groups can be defined via Profiles and associated to users. A free tool with more advanced features available for a price.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Google Docs Backup and More!

Have you ever wanted to keep your life simple by having the same files available on your work PC, home PC and notebook? Even mobile phone?

Well Syncplicity provides a great tool to do this. A cloud based service to keep the following backed up and in sync:

  • My Documents
  • Bookmarks in the browser (IE) / Favorites
  • Google Docs (including your Google Apps documents)
There is even a version for the Mac!

Chinese folders and files are no problem to sync. Once running a small Green Tick will appear over the file icon or folder icon to represent the file is in Sync.

Syncing Files

Using this app is pretty simple. Once you download the software and install the app you are ready to go. First you have to link your computer to the service. This service works by uploading any files to Syncplicity, which can then distribute these files to other computer connected to your account. That way every computer and folder has the correct file.

The actual application composes of a menu bar item and a right click option. There isn’t a dock icon in sight. To sync a folder to the web service, you right click on any folder you want to sync and select the More option and press Sync to Syncplicity. It will then whirr away as it uploads the files. The uploading and downloading of the file is blindingly quick, it maxed out my connection.

You can now access all your files on the net and any other computers in which you have connected to your account.

Google Docs sync requires you to provide your login name and password for Google Docs and identify a target folder on your local drive. Once defined your Google Docs will be downloaded from Google and provide a local copy for backup and to be available if you are off-line.

Pricing is very reasonable, free for under 2GB of data. There are personal editions available for US$15 per month or business editions (3 users) for US$45 per month. This includes 50GB of storage and unlimited devices connected.

If you invite others who install you will get a free upgrade if you are using the free edition.

Remember mobile phone access to your files by the web is supported and Mac!