Sunday, 15 August 2010

Google Short Links

Google Short Links is a URL shortening service for Google Apps and allows you to use much shorter more descriptive names for URLs.

The idea is you take a full URL and create a short description or word to enable a quick recall. For example my full blog URL address can be replaced by a short description, e.g."blog". This is referred to as self-service web redirection.

If you are using Firefox then there is a great Protocol Handler that can be installed. Once installed you can simply type goto:blog and you will be taken to the full URL.

URL's can be marked as public or private. There is also a couple of toolbar items that can be placed on your Firefox toolbar or IE's bookmarks called Bookmarklets. You can select that item when positioned on any page and it will create the short link automatically.

Integration to Google Apps is available and can be managed from the dashboard.

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