Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Sherpa Tools Add Some Nice Admin Features

If you are faced with rolling out a large number of Google Apps users, it is nice to know there is some great tools to help you - and for FREE. Sherpa Tools offers Google Apps an admin interface to help manage centralised Shared Contacts (Global Address Book), a user's profile or business card along with the ability to define the settings on each users application such as language, signature and the custom settings that are tricky to define unless you are logged in as that user. Managing user settings is done via creating Scopes and Profiles. A user can also be granted rights to manage their own profile and update this if they change mobile phone numbers etc.

One of the nicest features is their Directory Bot. This allows the Shared Contacts or (Global Address Book) to be searched via the Google Apps Chat. It is very quick at returning a search result for the person you are locating. The full business card or contact details are replied.

If you upgrade to the paid edition a nice feature is the ability to delegate functions to specific users without those users having full admin rights to Google Apps. For example help desk people could reset passwords for users or the marketing team could manage the centralised share contact list (Global Address Book).

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