Monday, 1 November 2010

Skype to SIP

Using your telephone rather than putting head phones on to speak to someone on Skype is something that is very useful. I have recently installed one such application that allows my Skype number to be called and my SIP phone rings rather than my computer. Dialing out is the same result. You can dial from your phone or if you use the Skype software to dial someone, once they pick up the utility will ring your SIP phone and join the two calls.

Typical Applications
  • Call centers who want to be able to advertise a Skype number for customers.
  • Businesses running a VoIP PBX who want to advertise a Skype number.
  • To use SkypeOut on your dial plan to make those calls to cities where Skype rates are cheaper.
  • To use SIP based voicemail or IVR for Skype calls.
If you are interested in connecting your phone system to Skype please contact me for available devices and gateways. Prices start at US$20.

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