Sunday, 27 February 2011

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

Google continues to target Microsoft customers, to help them move from their legacy Microsoft applications, Word, Excel, Outlook etc to the Cloud where productivity gains are not just words, they are a reality. My experience in Hong Kong is there is a need to offer a transition period rather than going "cold turkey". Users have been happy with the OutlookSync already offered from Google, and now Office Connect is here, this will be a big plus in helping the adoption of Google Docs and what it has to offer.

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office brings collaborative multi-person editing to the familiar Microsoft Office experience. You can share, backup, and simultaneously edit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents with coworkers.

To learn more about this great tool and to download a copy check out ...


- Simultaneous editing for Word, PowerPoint and Excel files when using Microsoft Office.
- Google Docs sharing URLs for each Microsoft Office file.
- Revision history for Microsoft Office files, stored in Google Docs.
- Offline editing with smart synchronization of offline changes.
- No Microsoft Office upgrade or SharePoint® deployment required.

For $50 a year for Google Apps for Business, we’ll get the functionality of SharePoint and BPOS and you get to keep that Office 2007 software you’ve grown to know and love. Learning curves are for the weak-willed but a necessary in larger organizations.

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