Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Google Apps Growing Fast in Hong Kong

An update on the market from Cloud Solutions. Our level of enquiries for Google's hosted email business suite is growing fast in Hong Kong. With enquiry levels six times higher than 6 months ago with a minimum of one conversion a week being confirmed.

One of the areas we have seen changing in the past 2 months is the size of the companies serious about moving away from Microsoft Exchange. During 2010 companies under 50 employees were keen to migrate where at the start of 2011 we are seeing companies with 200 to 800 employees planning the migration.

Hong Kong's demand is strong followed by Singapore, Malaysia and Phlippines.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Discussions in Google Docs

Google has released discussions in Google Docs, replacing its existing commenting system with "rapid and seamless discussions" that integrate with email. Improvements include the ability to resolve comments to remove them from the visible document, the addition of timestamping and profile pictures to each comment, and @mentions to email and include new people in a discussion.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Skype To Go for Business Travellers

Skype has just become an even better tool for business travellers with the Feb 2011 launch of ‘Skype To Go’, which lets you make calls at Skype’s low rates from any mobile phone or landline to any other number.

Skype To Go works by assigning a ‘Skype phone number’ to any mobile or landline you nominate in a dozen countries (including Canada, the UK and Ireland, the USA, New Zealand plus a host of European countries).

The Skype To Go number is a local number for your location. For example, if you’re based in Singapore but regularly call partners in UK, you could assign a unique Skype To Go number with a Singapore (65) country code to their UK number.

How Skype To Go can work for travellers

For the traveller, if you were in Singapore and travelled to UK or Australia, then the Singapore office phone number could be assigned to a local number in the UK. Buying a local SIM card then makes calls via a mobile phone in the UK cheap, if not free depending on the cell phone package.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Google Message Continuity now supports Exchange Server 2010

Google's new Postini service called Google Message Continuity now supports Exchange Server 2010. The service allows administrators to backup their on-premise Exchange servers to Gmail, so that in the event of an Exchange outage users can still access their e-mail.

Service Levels from Google.

Google's SLA will no longer have an "out" for planned downtime. Customers will receive SLA credits for any downtime - planned or unplanned. Google claims to be the first major cloud provider to eliminate maintenance windows from its service level agreement.

Previously, Google did not count periods shorter than 10 minutes as downtime. That meant that even though short outages could add up to hours over a long enough period of time, the company had no obligation to compensate users. Google is ending that policy and will now credit users for any amount downtime, no matter how brief.