Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cyberslacking - a real drag on companies

The solution for many firms seems to be to simply block the websites on which they believe their employees will waste the most time. Studies have shown social media to be a major time sink, as well online games and personal email.

A study from DNS-resolution service OpenDNS, "2010 Report on Web Content Filtering and Phishing" details just what sites companies were most likely to block last year, be it social networking websites or sites that have a reputation for fostering procrastination.

Top Ten Blacklisted Websites
Blacklists are typically used when there is no desire to block an entire category in principle, but there is a focus on preventing traffic to specific websites based on a combination of their popularity and content.
  1. Facebook.com —14.2%
  2. MySpace.com — 9.9%
  3. YouTube.com — 8.1%
  4. Doubleclick.net — 6.4%
  5. Twitter.com — 2.3%
  6. Ad.yieldmanager.com — 1.9%
  7. Redtube.com —1.4%
  8. Limewire.com — 1.3%
  9. Pornhub.com —1.2%
  10. Playboy.com — 1.2%

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