Saturday, 14 May 2011

Google Cloud Print support for iPhone & iPad

PrintCentral Pro 2.0 for iPhone and iPad, now offers support for Google Cloud Print. Cloud Print allows users to register their printers with Google’s Web services and wirelessly print documents from Gmail, Google Docs, and other sources. Yes, this means that you can print from an iOS device over Wi-Fi, 3G, or even EDGE to any printer anywhere in the world, as long as it’s plugged into the Internet and Google. PrintCentral Pro 2.0 should also convert Web pages, documents, and e-mails into PDFs much more quickly. Print SMS messages and more.

New Features for Online Appointment Scheduling

18 months ago I discovered the SuperSaaS appointment scheduling system.

This is an excellent add-on to any web site where seminars or meetings can be arranged by the public. This can also be used for booking conference or meeting rooms. This includes the ability to PAY on-line using Paypal. So seminar bookings can be sold and controlled so only 20 seats are sold.

Suggestions include:

  • Business Centre for meeting room booking and payment
  • Parent / Teacher bookings
  • Financial Education Services seminars
  • Language Training Centres
  • Fitness Instructors
  • And more

A recent update includes:

  • Coupons. You can now let your users enter a coupon code that results in an automatic discount. Coupons can be limited to a particular date or other prerequisites such as "only valid on the first appointment". It's also possible to upload a batch of single use vouchers, which is useful for Groupon-type deals. (More info)
  • Advanced pricing rules. The ability to set prices has been greatly expanded. You can now change the price of an event based on how much room is left or how many days are left until an event takes place. You can also add surcharges for optional items. (More info)
  • Enhanced encryption. SuperSaaS has always encrypted sensitive information such as credit card numbers. However, if the information in your account is particularly sensitive then you now have the option to encrypt all communication with our server, including all pages viewed by your users. (More info)
  • Single sign-on plugins. If your users already log in on your own website we have plugins available that can automatically log users into you SuperSaaS schedule. The registration information from your site is used to create or update the user information on SuperSaaS as needed. The plugins are available for the systems "Joomla", "WordPress" or "Drupal" and are free to download and use. (More info)
  • Expanded autotext. The number of "magic words" that you can use on the schedule and in e-mails has been greatly expanded. For example, there is now an option to display a specific message to mobile users, and one to automatically include an HTML form with the confirmation e-mail. (More info)
  • Lots of small tweaks. For example: Show multiple different opening hours in one schedule. Give preferred customers a permanent discount. Display the month calendar horizontally instead of vertically. Improved tutorials.(More info)