Saturday, 11 June 2011

Backups in the Cloud - All in one place!

Many companies that venture towards the Cloud have concerns about backup. How do you backup your data when it is in the Cloud?

It is a good question. Some would argue there is no need to backup your data as vendors like Google or Zoho have very good hardware environments which include backup systems. However one may wish to have an independant solution to ensure this is being done and the data is in a second location, just in case.

If you are using Google Apps, Backupify offer an excellent solution for less than US$5 per month for 5 Google Apps accounts. Daily backups will be scheduled by Backupify including your Email, Contacts, Calendars, Sites and Documents. And for all your social network information who is backing up your Facebook Fan pages, or your 500+ Linkedin contacts? Backupify has your backups covered for social networks with integration offered for Facebook and Linkedin.

Google and Zoho do perform backups to protect your data residing on their systems, this protects you from their hardware failure. However, what happens when the error is you and not the SaaS provider? What happens when you delete something and later need to recover it? How do you do that? Call Google? Don't think so.

For those Google Apps customers using Google Postini Archiving Services then you will be protected as email can be recovered. However whatabout your personal or project calendar? How do you recover a calendar if you delete it in error? What about a document in Google Docs?

One-Click Google Docs Restore by Backupify from Backupify on Vimeo.

So you see, even in the Cloud it is worth having a second copy to ensure you don't waste time if something is accidently lost. Backupify is easy to use, simply select the services you wish to backup and a nightly schedule will run to ensure a backup is made of your data.

You can also add in your Picasa holiday photos for good measure. Those family holiday photos are worth more than a few documents right?

Contact me if you wish to try out Backupify - who aim to be the single location for all your Cloud apps backups. A good idea.

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