Tuesday, 21 June 2011

GPS Location and Google Maps

How to get GPS coordinates by using Google Maps.
  1. Open Google Maps to the vicinity of where I would like coordinates.
  2. Right click mouse button and select "center map here" from the drop down button.
  3. Paste the below javascript into the browser's URL address window.
  4. Click the "go to the address in the location bar" button usually to the right of the address.
  5. A popup appears showing the coordinates of the center of the map like this: (22.306989047453026, 114.17129248380661)
  6. Copy and click either "OK" or "Cancel"
  7. Paste the coordinates into Google's "search maps" text box after you remove the parenthesis and click "Search Maps" - this will prove it is right.
  8. A popup appears with a marker for the centered spot. The popup has the coordinates in both Decimal Degrees and Degrees, Minutes, Seconds.
  9. Refine as and if necessary, now you can insert into your GPS device.
code: javascript:void(prompt('',gApplication.getMap().getCenter()));

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