Saturday, 27 August 2011

Wyse T50 Cloud Computers in Hong Kong

This past week I spent an afternoon installing the new Wyse T50's for a client. They are very impressive. The units are compact and well designed.

The T50's offer various connections including Web, Citrix, Microsoft and VMware VDI.

The T50's had Linux Ubuntu as the operating system and included Chrome as the browser. I configured the T50 to connect to a Microsoft Terminal Server via RDP and things were up and running in no time. Wireless, Network and VPN all supported.

The staff were very impressed with the performance of these units and priced under HK$2,000 each. REAL VALUE.

With Rackspace about to release their Virtual Desktops in Hong Kong, Wyse offer an excellent solution for the company that wants to adopt Cloud Computer right down to the hardware!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ginbox for iPad and iPhone

Ginbox (formerly know as MultiG) is specifically designed for people that have multiple Gmail or Google apps accounts. It was designed and implemented for both the iPhone and iPad.