Saturday, 3 September 2011

Google Releases Gmail Off-line

This week Google released the much awaited off-line mode for Gmail and Google Apps for Business. This application is free and an extension within your Chrome browser. Gmail off-line manages a local cache of your emails so when you no longer have an Internet connection, you can continue to read your messages and create new messages which will be sent out once an Internet connection is available again.

To enable off-line mode visit the Chrome market place which is available under your Chrome settings, select Tools, Extension. Then search for Gmail. Once installed your email will start becoming visible within moments.

The client is designed to be easy to use and the search engine is lightning fast. We recommend companies use off-line mode when their Internet connection is not reliable. This will allow staff to continue to work no matter the Internet line is up or not.

We expect Calendar and Docs off-line to be released later this month.