Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Law Firm Migrates 100% to the Cloud

Wyse T50 Cloud Computer
November say me working on a project to migrate a local law firm 100% to Cloud Computing. No data or servers remain in their office. All desktops are hosted on servers in the Cloud along with their email server and document management system. All accounting systems used by law firms are also hosted outside their office.

Their Exchange server was migrated to Google Apps. Along with this move additional tools were adopted to remove the need to generate paper forms for administration purposes.

On line forms included Leave Requests, Expense Claims, New Client Opening Requests and more. All integrated into Google Sites for the firm's Intranet.

The new T50 Wyse Cloud computer was supplied and installed with a large number of staff using dual monitors.

It is great to see a law firm move with the times and embrace the latest technology and profit from it.  The firm's computer systems and business are now more secure than ever and they can grow without technology restrictions.


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