Friday, 16 March 2012

Microsoft Office 365 drops pricing

Prices for the four plans named E1, E2, E3 and E4, dropped, in that order, from US$10 to $8; from $16 to $14; from $24 to $20; and from $27 to $22.

Office 365 also comes in a plan for small businesses, called P1, which has a 50-user limit, and in an email-only option with just Exchange Online, as well as in other alternatives. The price for the P1 plan remains the same at US$6 per user, per month.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Visitor Management in the Cloud

This month saw Cloud Solutions add a new Cloud application to our portfolio. The application is from Vitar Software and is a Cloud based Visitor Manager

Vitar designed their Visitor Manager solution from the ground up to include all the benefits from both the legacy paper based solutions and more modern electronic systems. By adopting a true SaaS cloud computing model Vitar are the only global player who could provide facilities management companies and their clients either a single or multi site, multi-lingual or multi tenanted solution under one simple web based management application.

We feel there is great opportunity in Hong Kong for this type of application with so many residential and commercial buildings with registration desks. What is better, is the cloud model means "NO UP FRONT INVESTMENT!"

Vitar Secure Visitor Management Software is a suite of easy to use tools to help professionally manage all visitors and contractors on any customer premise. With the number of multi tenanted buildings in Hong Kong, and the increased demands for health and safety requirements including building fire lists, Vitar addresses many issues of facilities managers may have. We are keen to have some Asia based businesses using Vitar so are offering the first 10 organisation to register an interest and extended free trial period. 

Visit the web site here. Contact me for further information +852 9101-7795.