Monday, 30 April 2012

Google Drive is Here

First impressions of Google Drive. Quite good. In fact very good. A number of business challenges facing Google Docs in the enterprise have been resolved with the 5GB Google Drive. This is available to paid Google Apps users only.

I believe one of the reasons Google Docs has not been adopted by more Google Apps users within the enterprise is the need to train users and for users to start and work with a document manager. Users have been so used to using folders for so long, the need to learn a new way to store and locate information just becomes a little too much for some.

With Google Drive a user can now save documents to their local PC folders and they will be synchronized with the Cloud. Any documents that have been stored in Google Docs will be available for downloading to your local PC. This can be done in total or by selected folders. So the best of both worlds. Google Docs becomes a subset of content stored in Google Drive.

And mobile access? No problem. My HTC Android has no problem locating files in a more structured (folder view) way compared to the dynamic way Google Docs presents the documents. While I believe Google Docs is clever I think the average 9am to 5pm worker has little time for these things and would prefer to simply keep working on their documents in a folder view.

While I see more to come with the hybrid cloud model Google are now supporting, this is a great first step and something that should see Google Docs used more in the enterprise. For no other reason but auto backup of your files!

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