Friday, 27 April 2012

Wyse VDI Devices in Hong Kong - WHICH WYSE?

Wyse offer a range of cloud computing devices. Some are general purpose and some have been designed specifically for a particular desktop hosting environment. Pricing starts at HK$1,995 per device. This includes the keyboard and mouse. Wifi can normally be added for an additional $350 or thereabouts.

So our picks are the Wyse  P20 for VMware View 5.0+. The Wyse P20 device supports PCoIP which allows a one-click start to connect to your desktop.

For Citrix VDI-in-a-Box or Citrix Xen Desktop the best Wyse device would be the Wyse Xenith Pro. This device would support the HDX client from Citrix.

For Windows there are a few options. The RDP client is available on a number of devices and it is really your preference if you run embedded Windows or Linux as the OS on the device. General purpose devices are available in the C Class range of devices and they support clients for Citrix, VMware and Microsoft. The Wyse T50 offers a Ubuntu Linux OS on the device and the various clients to connect to your virtual desktop.

The entry level T50 or C Class devices offer a good place to start, but if you have already decided on your VDI platform it may be best to go with the device specifically designed for that environment. In some cases there will be a need for Microsoft access licenses if these have not been purchased as part of your VDI project.

Cloud Solutions is a Wyse Reseller in Hong Kong.

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