Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cloud Email for China

Google Apps for Business has some difficulty working consistently in China if you are not within a corporate network environment. If your office is connected to any country outside China, typically by VPN, then Google Apps and many other SaaS applications currently blocked, will work. Once you travel outside of the office a PC based VPN would need to be established to the office before the application may work.

If this all sounds a little confusing then one system that has no issues in China is Zoho. Zoho were smart and partnered with a mainland company a couple of years back and then established a data centre in China. Today they are friends with China so their products work without any blocking. If you are a Google Apps user you can integrate Google and Zoho together. We have clients that visit China and use Zoho Mail for their email Client and they love it. Zoho is also free for 5GB of storage.

Zoho Mail integrates into their award winning Zoho CRM application. The integration of email is a very nice feature as it allows you to see what has been going on between your clients and team members without the need to CC email to each other.

Another Zoho product I have been testing under final beta is Zoho Campaigns. I have used many of these applications including Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Active Contacts, Email Brian and more. Zoho Campaigns is by far the best newsletter tool I have used and with the bi-directional integration between the mailing lists and the contact in Zoho CRM it saves a great amount of time in managing your lists. So once Zoho Campaigns is available be sure to try it out as it is easy to use and 9/10 for functionality.

So check out Zoho EMail, Zoho CRM and the other Zoho products.

Cloud Solutions is a Zoho Alliance Partner and a Google Reseller.

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