Monday, 14 May 2012

Dropbox in China BLOCKED!

If you are a Dropbox user you may already know China blocks this application. We do not recommend Dropbox for company use anyway and would recommend the adoption of Egnyte. This offers similar features to Dropbox and then some more enhanced sharing and security features.

We have had several customers call us about the issues with China and Dropbox. Once Egnyte was installed all files can be shared with China. Files can be replicated to the computer of a user or can be accessed via iPad , iPhone or Android phones.

Set up advanced security for read-only or read-write access to folders and files.

Forget about Dropbox. Businesses should be looking for business based tools and not consumer products that have crept into the corporate environment. Egnyte starts at US$29 per month for 5 users and 150GB of storage.

For more details on Egnyte visit here.

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  1. Dropbox works just fine in China if you change your computer's host file.