Saturday, 12 May 2012

New Business Adopts Hybrid Cloud and it Works!!

Egnyte Hybrid Cloud File Server
When you start a new business keeping control of your costs is key to your business surviving those first two years. This past week we helped set up a new business with people based in Singapore and Hong Kong. All staff had laptops, iPads, iPhones or Androids. The business owners believed Cloud would save them money and remove the need for high upfront investments in computer systems and people.

We recommended Google Apps and Egnyte Hybrid Cloud File Server along with some additional advice for security in regard to the use of public Wifi's and storing data locally on each laptop.

The complete system was set up in a matter of hours including the Singapore users. Outlook is used on the laptop and synchronised with Google's Cloud and then back to the user's iPhone or Android phone. All documents that are created on each user's laptop is synchronised with the Cloud file server via Egnyte's Hybrid Cloud model. This model allows a select number of folders that reside on the company's Cloud file server to be replicated and stored locally on the user's laptop. The advantage of this design is users can access documents fast as they are stored locally; as soon as documents are saved they are synchronised with the Cloud file server as a backup and to be made available to others. Document version control is automatic and security is supported across all users in the company.

All user's are very impressed with the speed and simplicity of the solutions. Egnyte offers an iPhone and Android client so everyone was access their emails and company documents in no time at all.

Other Reference Clients

This is not the first time Egnyte's Cloud file server has been implemented around the region. Last month we worked with a Singapore based early childhood education provider to implement Engyte Hybrid Cloud to create a single file server for their business. This allowed all 12 branches to see and share a single file server and securely store and share documents as if they were in the same physical building.

In Hong Kong we have a trader who shares files between their local office and their team in China. Egnyte provides a single file server for files to be shared and accessed between Hong Kong and China without being blocked by China. The client tried Drop Box but it did not work as it is blocked in China.

Both clients now have 1T (1000GB) of storage available from as little as US$45 per month, the solution pays for itself in no time as well as providing a level of business protection not available before.

Cloud Solutions is a Google Apps Reseller and an Egnyte Partner in Asia.

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