Monday, 9 July 2012

Migration of Outlook to Google Apps

More and more small to mid-sized businesses in Asia are looking to adopt Cloud Computing. The first step is often Email with a close second being file storage on-line.

The problems with using an Outlook POP account is well documented. For example, no backup on the user's workstation, no remote access, no ability to share contacts or calendars. Access via your mobile phone is also limited as nothing is in sync. You open a message in one location and it does not open in the other.  So no wonder adopting Cloud is of big interest to many smaller organisations.

Small companies are not penalised when adopting the Cloud. If you have 5 users or 200 users, the price, per user is the same. This is around US$5 per mailbox per month.  Both Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 are around this price.

With many people using Gmail for their personal email it is an easy move to migrate your complete company to Google Apps. You can transfer your company domain so your email address is and not

Google offer some great tools to help copy your existing emails in Outlook to your new secure Google Apps  account. Even if you are using a Mac and use Mac Mail, there are tools available to migrate you fully to Google Apps in the Cloud.

Continue to Use Outlook!

After the migration is complete each user is free to select to continue to use Outlook in full Sync mode with their cloud mailbox or stop using Outlook and use the Gmail client with the Chrome Browser. Of course Office 365 offers similar options. To use Outlook Online or to Sync the cloud hosted mailbox with Outlook.

Mobile Device Support

As Google own the Android operating system, which now runs many of the HTC and Samsung phones and tablets, there is no issue at all running your Gmail account on these device. For iphone fans Google uses the ActiveSync option to connect to your mailbox. This works fine. Both for Office 365 and Google Apps. 

Cloud Solutions has implemented hundreds of users of Google Apps over the recent years. If your company wants to move forward and adopt the Cloud, contact our team leaders for a proposal. Cloud Solutions is a Google Apps Reseller. 

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