Sunday, 15 July 2012

NAS Drive with Cloud Sync

The NETGear ReadyNAS is an excellent product and with the integration of Egnyte's Hybrid Cloud it offers a great solution for small to mid-sized organisations. Keep your files locally, yet safely backed up in the Cloud. Access your files from your iphone or ipad, or replicate to your home for off-site storage. Use a MAC or Windows PC. All are supported.

The performance of the NETGear ReadyNAS is very good. The ReadyNAS does not come with hard drives. This provides each business flexibility to purchase 2 x 500GB or may be 2 x 1T drives to place in the device. The device can be set up to mirror so if one disk fails the second is available and with Egnyte agent installed, all data is backed up and synchronised to the Cloud.

This is an excellent choice for small to mid-sized businesses needing central storage without the need to purchase larger servers or more Windows licenses.

NETGear ReadyNAS can be purchased in Hong Kong for around HK$4500 for the entry level device. Installing 2 x 500GB disks cost around HK$800 each. Egnyte starts around HK$800 per month including 1000GB of storage in the Cloud and integration to the ReadyNAS device. Contact Cloud Solutions for more details.

Another nice product from NETGear is their 3G/4G LAN Router. This provides your network a backup if the Internet connection is disconnected, the 3G/4G mobile network can be used by your company until the Internet connection is enabled again.

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