Monday, 10 September 2012

NETGear ReadyNAS Pro Offers Excellent Storage Options

NETGear's ReadyNAS Pro is a fast networked storage device designed for the SMB market. The ReadyNAS Pro comes in three models providing either 2, 4 or 6 disk bays. Hard drives do not ship with the device so this allows a company to install 1T or 2T disks to meet their storage requirements.

Chinese menus as well as folder and file names are all supported. 

With the smart X-RAID2 disk management system, simply plug in the disks and the device will configure itself and expand the volume on the fly when additional or larger disks are added.With two drives, the X-RAID2 creates a mirror array. With three drives, your capacity doubles; with four, it triples.

If you are a MAC user, Time Machine is supported along with backup jobs for Windows PCs or servers.

Support for streaming of any multimedia files stored to any Smart device that can accept them. The onboard DLNA 1.5 media server delivers multiple full HD video streams without a problem. FTP is supported as well as RSync. A printer can also be centrally attached to the USB drive of the device.

For the more technically inclined it is also possible to install WordPress server on the device along with MySQL.

Cloud integration is offered via Egnyte's Hybrid Cloud File Server. This is an excellent feature. Subscription service is needed for Egnyte and then files can be backed up in real-time off site. File can also be shared with other offices as well as business partners. Office Local Cloud is deployed on Intel® based NETGEAR ReadyNAS devices. Duo or NV+ ReadyNAS devices are not supported.

Just to make things even better, ReadyNAS Pro offers a 5 year warranty.

Cloud Solutions in Hong Kong & Singapore offers NETGear's ReadNAS products integrated with Egnyte's Hybrid Cloud File Server. 

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  1. I am still not able to find a reliable and cheap modem and router device, I read many NetGear N600 reviews and many buyers complained that if you want to invest then go with Cisco especially NetGear products are not cheap so I am really