Thursday, 4 April 2013

Transferring your Circles in Google Plus from Gmail to Google Apps

We recently migrated a small company to Google Apps however the business owner had spent hours setting up his Circles and Connections in Google Plus, these were all connected to his personal Gmail account. It is quite a simple exercise to import the addressbook or contacts in Gmail to Google Apps however the Circles do not simply follow the contacts.

However Google have this function available under their Takeout tools, simply scroll down the list until you locate Google+ Circles. This option will allow you to move Circles between accounts.


Once you select the option you are presented with a FROM and a TO screen. You login to say your Gmail account then into your new Google Apps account, then press GO!  It is that simple.

Transfer Circles from Gmail to Google Apps
You should note to read all the information before proceeding. This provides details about what will happen. Double check you have got the transfer correct, from example, from Old to New. But saying that, nothing happens for 7 days and then the process starts. If you need to reconsider this you have time to change your mind. You can visit your source or the From Google+ account and select Cancel Transfer which visible once you scroll to the bottom of the page.

To learn more about Circle transfers you can visit this Google support page. You can only do this process once every 6 months so get it right.

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