Sunday, 4 May 2014

Cloud PBX Consolidates Asia Offices

Recently we worked with a US company to migrate their business to a single CloudPBX for their Asia operations. Their offices in Asia included the following cities, Tokyo, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. 

Each office had been using an Elastics VoIP server already however they were using analogue connections to the public telephone network in each country and everyone still needed to make long distance calls when speaking with each other internally and it was not easy for the US based owners to speak to all country managers at the same time.
The CloudPBX is hosted in Hong Kong in a secure data center utilized by Cloud Solutions for their hosting requirements. Phase one of the project saw a couple of phones being placed in each office so test calls could be made between each office and back to head office in the USA. This proved to be successful with clear quality calls and a reliable service.
Yealink T22P
The second phase saw the office by office migration away from their in-house VoIP system to our Cloud PBX. Obtaining SIP trunks in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore was no issue. In China SIP trunking is not available and in Japan it was decided to continue with their current ISDN connection. So Japan and China ended up with a hybrid approach. This means each phone on the desk of an employee would be connected to their local office system and the CloudPBX. Line 1 would be used for local calls and Line 2 would be connected to the Asian CloudPBX phone system.
This approach provided free calls internally to all offices and cheaper long distance calls which can now be centralised and managed via the cheapest provider available. Communication costs were now decreased.
SIP trunking was subscribed in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, each being connected to the CloudPBX. Existing numbers were either ported over to the SIP trunk provider when this was an option, or simply forwarded to their new SIP trunk number. Each office also adopted the same Yealink Phone model which was the T22P. New phones were purchased over 2-3 months as each office upgraded. Cloud Solutions organised the delivery of new Yealink phones to each office.
The CloudPBX model will also allow sales people to connect their mobile phones via a SIP client installed on the phone. 
The complete project from inception to completion was 4 months. The customer is very happy with the outcome and of course the cost savings they are now enjoying. In total there are just over 60 staff connected around the region.

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