Monday, 9 March 2015

DISA Is A Great CloudPBX Feature

CloudPBX supports DISA. This provides for an external caller (normally staff) to access internal CloudPBX features when outside the office. The user would call a specific local phone number which would access the DISA service, once a security password was entered the CloudPBX answers the call with a dial tone allowing the user to place an internal call or long distance call. This may be required to ensure the company's Caller ID (phone number) is sent to the called party and the mobile phone number of the staff is not sent.

The basic idea behind this DISA /Call-Through solution is enabling authorised corporate users outside the office to make calls using the organisation's special low tariffs, and to capitalise on the direct connection to the different operators. As a result, the company saves money on the original direct call. Security features include only accepting calls from approved phone numbers, e.g. mobile number of the staff; along with a 4-6 digit password. Both would be required for access to be granted by the system.

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