Monday, 6 April 2015

Add Zoho Survey to your Zoho CRM

A few of our customers have now started to integrate Zoho Survey's into their work processes and customer interactions. Zoho Survey can be used for the obvious customer satisfaction feedback but what makes Zoho Survey and Zoho CRM work is the ability to transfer data from the CRM to the Survey and vice versa.

A project we recently completed included the requirement to send a survey to each customer after the completion of each project. Key data stored within the Zoho CRM Sales Order was transferred into the Survey and email out to the client. The subsequent results were linked back to the Sales Order and all data collected could be analyzed and shared.
"...what makes Zoho Survey and Zoho CRM work is the ability to transfer data from the CRM to the Survey"
Zoho Survey offers a number of templates to help start you off including feedback from customers, attendees, invitees, students and all the people who matter to your business.

Question logic is also supported which allows the author to inquiry further if poor feedback is registered for one specific question or several questions can be skipped based on a certain answered, e.g. Married Yes / No.

Zoho Survey provides for branding supporting including template colours, logos and even URL. The URL branding requires CNAME modification of your DNS. An end page or closing page with may be a "Thank You" can also be defined and would be redirected to once the Submit button was selected.

Another project we are working on will use Zoho Survey to send each customer a summary of the data stored in the CRM and ask the customer to confirm it is still accurate. The survey will allow the customer to update any of the data direct to  Zoho CRM by simply updating the Zoho Survey form. For example, the contact could have a new mobile phone number or if they may wish to subscribe to the corporate newsletter.

New leads can be sent a Survey to request additional information prior to a proposal or quotation being prepared.

Zoho Survey can be send out from Zoho Campaigns or Zoho CRM and integrated back to the record information stored in Zoho CRM. This is a very useful feature.

For Consultancy Services on Zoho Survey or Zoho CRM please contact us at Cloud Solutions.

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