Sunday, 11 October 2015

Zoho CRM integrated with SMS Text Messages

Adding SMS text messaging to your Zoho CRM system can offer some valued business functionality.

Zoho CRM can integrate with a few SMS gateway providers. Some offer both in and outbound SMS messages while others only offer outbound.

We integrated Zoho CRM with SMS-Magic. The integration is outbound only and is provided via a webhook script. SMS-Magic therefore works with both Zoho CRM Enterprise and Professional Edition.

There are several ways SMS can be integrated from a functional point of view, these include:
  1. adding a field on a Lead / Contact screen so you can enter the text message you wish to send to the person.
  2. creating an SMS module (only Enterprise Edition), to allow messages to be tracked and connected to a Lead or Contact in Zoho CRM.
  3. customise the webhook message script to automate messages for reminders such as subscriptions or maintenance renewals falling due, sending a happy birthday message, chasing where an invoice is unpaid, the correct webhook would be triggered upon a specific condition being true, e.g. expiry date is today.

You would make the message send via a trigger. We used a tick box. Once ready you would simply "tick the box" and the message will be passed to the webhook script and this is then posted to the SMS-Magic gateway. 

In addition the SMS-Magic portal allows you to monitor the message has been successfully sent or if there was an error. 

The SMS module we designed in Zoho CRM included support for template driven messages combined with a custom message. This allows standard reminders to be quickly sent. Message can be designed in a way that additional text can be added such as date, time or invoice number.

In addition, this allows SMS history to be tracked against a Contact. The SMS-Magic portal provides a reference number and confirmation the message was delivered. Our SMS module tracks that in the delivery log. The Senders ID can be sent in the webhook script to simply say SMSProvider so your customers do not reply to the message as it is simply a reminder.

SMS messages can add value to your business when used and managed correctly. SMS-Magic requires both a monthly subscription and a credit purchase for messages. Monthly subscriptions start at US$19. 

Contact Cloud Solutions if you require assistance in enabling SMS with your Zoho CRM system.